Car Key Fob Replacement Protection Plan

Losing your car, truck, home or office keys can be inconvenient and costly.  The technology in today’s vehicle key remote — also known as a Key Fob — makes it expensive to replace. The Land Rover Car Key Fob Replacement Protection Plan offers repair or replacement coverage for your Land Rover key if it is lost, stolen, or destroyed.  If you are not able to replace your key or key remote (Fob) immediately, you may be reimbursed for alternate transportation.

So what happens when you lose your Land Rover key fob? The choice is yours, but the financial impact will vary drastically if you opt to use a locksmith instead of visiting Land Rover Naperville for a key replacement.

To be fair, the process of obtaining a new key and key fob is not a quick one. The production and delivery of the key are said to take upwards of two weeks and there is a charge for the replacement process. A new key will be shipped, and once it arrives, your Land Rover vehicle must be reprogrammed and synced to accept the new fob and key. Throughout the process, you will be accumulating labor costs, including the cost of the key itself.

The Car Key Fob Replacement Protection Plan will absorb the costs and additional keys lost or damaged with your vehicle key are eligible for replacement too.

If you need a Land Rover Key Fob replacement simply click here to schedule Land Rover service or to learn more about our Key Replacement Protection Plan call us at 630.413.0694 or submit an inquiry via the Land Rover Naperville contact us page.