There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing a new Land Rover or Range Rover SUV for your next vehicle purchase. Land Rover offers Terrain Response 2, which is a patented differentiator for Land Rover models. It allows the driver to select the type of terrain they will be driving on, which in turn, changes the suspension, transmission, and traction settings all from the press of a button. Land Rover also offers InControl, which gives the driver a ton of technological accessories that could prove useful during the drive. Land Rover also offers its own insurance called Land Rover Owners Insurance, powered by Aon. This allows you to completely customize your insurance to tailor to you.

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Why choose Land Rover Naperville? “Our promises are what make the Patrick Dealer Group different. Our friendly and helpful team members will be happy to help you throughout the process. Our professional sales staff really listens to your wants and needs. For us, it isn’t just about making a sale, but creating a positive relationship that will hopefully have a long-lasting future.” Learn more about our promises to you.




Land Rovers are known to be all-purpose vehicles that can be used for almost everything and anything. The cargo space is also impeccable so you can be sure that you have plenty of room to store anything that you may need during your excursions.


If you’re looking for safety in your vehicle, look no further than a Land Rover. Some safety and security features that Land Rover has are emergency braking, electronic traction control, emergency brake assist, plus many more. Talk to a Land Rover Naperville Client Advisor to learn about all of the safety features available.

Off-Road Performance

Land Rover is the ultimate off-road vehicle. You can literally take it almost anywhere and they include Land Rover Terrain Response 2 Driving Technology that includes general driving, Auto, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Ruts, Sand, and Rock Crawl. With all of these driving features, your Land Rover has a very slim chance of getting stuck.

Land Rover History

HUE166 first production Land RoverIn 1947, Land Rover was born when Maurice Wilks sketched the silhouette of a car on the sand of a Welsh beach. Wilks was a chief designer at the Rover company, long before Land Rover became a company. (Land Rover didn’t become a company until 1978 and was originally named Land Rover Limited.)

On January 31, 1994, Rover Group plc was acquired by BMW. In 2000, Rover Group was broken up by BMW, and Land Rover was then sold to the Ford Motor Company. In 2006, Ford purchased the Rover brand from BMW.

On June 11, 2007, Ford announced that it planned to sell Land Rover along with Jaguar Cars. On June 2, 2008, Ford sold the Jaguar Land Rover company to Tata Motors. On January 1, 2013, Jaguar Cars Limited and Land Rover were two separate companies but then went through fundamental restructuring and were renamed to Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC.

* First registered Series I in January 1949 “HUE166 first production Land Rover” along with portraits of Spencer and Maurice Wilks – Image Courtesy of: Land Rover MENA – Land Rover Celebrates 65 Years Of Technology & Innovation, CC BY 2.0, Link

Land Rover Terrain Response® 2

Land Rover driving through wet terrain

Terrain Response®1 has long been a differentiator for Land Rover vehicles. The patented system allows drivers to select one of several modes that optimize performance on a variety of different surfaces. With the recent advent of Terrain Response® 2 Auto, drivers now have the option of letting their vehicles sense and adjust to the appropriate combination of terrain response settings automatically. If they wish, drivers can manually override the system to lock in a specific mode. With or without “Auto” engaged, Terrain Response® 2 puts an exceptional amount of Land Rover engineering in the simple twist of a dial or push of a button. This technology was tested in 20 countries around the world in temperatures from -40 to +125 degrees Fahrenheit on nearly every terrain imaginable.


  • Rock Crawl – Suitable for extremely technical, uneven terrain
  • General Driving – Suitable for soft, muddy, waterlogged or rutted ground
  • Grass, Gravel & Snow – Suitable for surfaces that are firm but have a slippery surface, including icy conditions
  • Mud & Ruts – Suitable for soft, muddy, waterlogged or rutted ground
  • Sand – Suitable for soft, predominately dry yielding sandy ground, e.g. sand dunes and deserts

Land Rover InControl

Land Rover InControl is a suite of services and applications that connect you to your vehicle and links you seamlessly with the outside world.


1. Land Rover InControl Infotainment

  • Land Rover InControl Touch
  • Land Rover InControl Touch Pro

2. Land Rover InControl Connectivity

  • Connected Navigation
  • InControl WiFi
  • Land Rover InControl Apps

3. Land Rover InControl Remote & Protect

  • Map Updates
  • Land Rover InControl Remote App
  • InControl Remote on Apple Watch
  • SOS Emergency Call
  • Optimized Land Rover Assistance

4. Stolen Vehicle Locator

Land Rover driver using navigation
Phone operator talks to clients about Land Rover insurance from Aon

Land Rover Owners Insurance – Powered by Aon

To help ensure your Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle is properly protected from the day-to-day risks of being on the road, Land Rover has developed a customizable insurance solution that’s tailored to you and your vehicle. Land Rover Owners Insurance, powered by Aon, allows you exclusive benefits, premium discounts, and unmatched service. You can even bundle your auto insurance with additional products, such as home insurance, to be eligible for additional discounts.



In the event of a claim, Land Rover Genuine auto replacement parts will be used to repair your vehicle. Your vehicle’s repairs will be completed by Land Rover-trained technicians at Land Rover Naperville.


Should a loss or theft occur, receive the actual value of the original purchase price of the new vehicle, not a depreciated value.


When your vehicle is in for a claim repair, a comparable rental vehicle will be provided.


With Land Rover Owners Insurance powered by Aon, you build your ideal insurance solution with coverage for personal property, additional residences, high-value assets, and more. You may be eligible for additional discounts when you bundle your insurance.

Land Rover Warranties/Maintenance Programs

Land Rover technician checks fluid levels


  • 4-year/50,000 mile, whichever comes first, Basic/New Vehicle Limited Warranty
  • 6-year/unlimited mile Corrosion Perforation Warranty
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance – Provides assistance with flat tires, fuel delivery, a battery jump, keys locked in the car, and more
  • 24-Hour Emergency Towing – Complimentary transportation of your vehicle to the nearest Land Rover Retailer within 50 miles
  • Trip-Interruption Expense Benefits – Reasonable reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses if a warranty-related disablement occurs more than 50 miles from home


Land Rover’s extended warranty is designed to provide expert protection for your investment and reduce the cost of ownership.
What you get:

  • Comprehensive coverage against unexpected mechanical and electrical vehicle failure
  • Travel protection whilst abroad
  • Unlimited claims up to the purchase price of your Land Rover
  • Genuine Land Rover parts
  • Land Rover Approved technicians
  • The option to include Land Rover Assistance


  • One-Year/Unlimited Miles or Two Years/100,000 Miles, Whichever Comes First, Limited Warranty – Added on top of the vehicle’s new car warranty. Using only Jaguar Land Rover Genuine Parts, this limited warranty covers repair for sudden and unexpected mechanical or electrical failure, and work is only undertaken by Land Rover Trained Technicians
  • 24-hour/365-day Roadside Assistance – Your vehicle is covered for the entire duration of the warranty period if your vehicle is disabled due to a breakdown or accident or any minor emergencies such as tire puncture or lock-out assistance
  • Vehicle History Report – Every Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with a Vehicle History Report. The report provides insight into service history, mileage, ownership and other vehicle attributes
  • No deductible – Any and all warrantable repairs covered under the Approved Certified Pre-Owned Program require absolutely no deductible, whatsoever
  • Transferrable Warranty – Warranty that comes with your Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is transferrable to new ownership
  • Trip Interruption Benefits – If your Approved Certified Pre-Owned Land Rover becomes disabled due to warrantable defects, you are entitled to reimbursement for things like lodging, transportation and other necessary expenses


Every Land Rover vehicle protected by prepaid maintenance receives the care it deserves. Each is serviced by factory-trained Land Rover technicians using genuine Land Rover parts and Castrol Synthetic Oil to keep your vehicle performing at its peak. With nationwide servicing available at participating retailers, regularly scheduled maintenance is not only convenient, but it potentially increases the residual value of your vehicle. It can save you money too – up to 25% versus the cost of paying for each service as it is needed. These pre-paid maintenance plans can be purchased prior to the first service interval – or financed with the cost of your vehicle at the time of purchase.


  • Replace engine oil & filter**
  • Replace pollen filter**
  • Replace air cleaner element**
  • Replace brake fluid**
  • Replace spark plugs (if applicable)
  • Replace fuel filter element (if applicable)
  • Check/top up fluid levels (brake, coolant, windshield, DEF)
  • Check battery condition, check/top up electrolyte level
  • Inspect brake pads for wear, calipers for leaks and rotor condition
  • Inspect tire pressures, conditions and tread depth
  • Inspect for fluid leaks

 ** at specified maintenance intervals

Land Rover and Range Rover Awards


Land Rover Brand Award

Year Award Awarded By
2019 Best Value in America: Luxury SUV & Crossover Brand Award Vincentric
2018 Best Premium Brand Award category in Residual Value Awards ALG


Year Award Awarded By
2023 Midsize Premium SUV JD Power
2021 Drivers’ Choice Awards – Best Midsize Utility Vehicle MotorWeek
2021 SUV of the Year MotorTrend
2020 Car of the Year and Unstoppable Force Top Gear
2019 Best Premium Mid-Size Utility 3rd Row Seating category in Residual Value Awards ALG


Year Award Awarded By
2023 Premium Mid-Size SUV 3-Row Seating – ALG Residual Value Award JD Power
2022 Premium Mid-Size SUV 3-Row Seating – ALG Residual Value Award JD Power
2020 Upper Midsize Premium SUV JD Power
2019 Best Value in America in the Luxury Mid-Size SUV/Crossover segment Vincentric
2019 Best Premium Mid-Size Utility 3rd Row Seating category in Residual Value Awards ALG


Year Award Awarded By
2019 Best Premium Compact Utility category in Residual Value Awards ALG


Year Award Awarded By
2019 Premium Full-Size Utility category in Residual Value Awards ALG


Year Award Awarded By
2023 Premium Small SUV – ALG Residual Value Award J.D. Power
2019 Innovation Award (for its world-first ClearSight Ground View technology) Autocar Magazine


Year Award Awarded By
2019 Best Premium Mid-Size Utility 2nd Row Seating category in Residual Value Awards ALG


Year Award Awarded By
2023 Premium Mid-Size 2-Row SUV – ALG Residual Value Award J.D. Power
2022 Premium Mid-Size 2-Row SUV – ALG Residual Value Award J.D. Power
2020 Best Performance Midsize Premium SUV J.D. Power
2018 World Car Design of the Year Award World Car Awards

Patrick Dealer Group’s History with Land Rover

In 1904 Detroit Michigan, Hanley Dawson IV’s great grandfather made the acquaintance of the legendary Henry Ford. Ford’s automobile manufacturing plant was located across the street from the bank where he worked. His great grandfather offered to sell used cars returned to the Ford plant, and eventually was granted the opportunity to sell new cars off the assembly line.

In 1907, his great grandfather was awarded the first new Ford franchise in the Midwest.

In 1951, Hanley Dawson Jr. took over the dealership from his father. 20 years later, in 1971 the family business moved to Chicago, on the corner of Rush and Ontario Street, and Hanley Dawson Jr. was awarded the first and only Chicago Cadillac factory retail branch operation. Hanley Dawson Jr. and his son, Hanley Dawson III, ran that business known as Hanley Dawson Cadillac until the early 1990’s.

In 1977, Hanley Dawson III set out on his own and started the Patrick Dealer Group, named after his youngest son Patrick.

When Patrick acquired Land Rover in 2011, it received not only a brand but a whole lifestyle too. With an emphasis on the outdoors, together with Land Rover, Patrick transformed their Naperville store into the rugged outdoor facility. With cars parked precariously on inclines to demonstrate the off-road handling power of a Land Rover and camping equipment scattered throughout the store, Land Rover has brought a sense of adventure to the Patrick Dealer Group.

Why Choose Land Rover Naperville?

“Our promises are what make the Patrick Dealer Group different. Our friendly and helpful team members will be happy to help you throughout the process. Our professional sales staff really listens to your wants and needs. For us, it isn’t just about making a sale, but creating a positive relationship that will hopefully have a long-lasting future.” Learn more about our promises to you.