Off-Roading Your Land Rover

Land Rover driving down rocky incline

What is the best Land Rover for off-road adventures in Chicagoland? What can a Land Rover do off-road? Explore all the capability features of the Land Rover lineup with Land Rover of Naperville, and get ready to take your Range Rover off-roading near Schaumburg or your Land Rover Discovery off-road out of Bolingbrook.

What Can a Land Rover Do Off-Road?

While every Land Rover is highly capable on any terrain, the new Land Rover Defender is touted by Land Rover executes as the “most rugged Land Rover yet.” Discover some of the innovative features that make these models so off-road ready:

  • Terrain Response® — Select a drive mode (for example, Mud & Ruts or Grass/Gravel/Snow), and the vehicle optimizes the engine, transmission, differentials, and chassis systems according to the terrain.
  • Terrain Response® 2 — Sensors detect driving conditions and the system automatically switches to the ideal drive mode.
  • All-Terrain Progress Control — Enables slow and steady progress on low-traction surfaces with the push of a button.
  • Hill Descent Control — Assists the driver on challenging descents by automatically maintaining a constant speed and applying brakes to each wheel where required, keeping you in control and preventing excessive brake pad wear.
  • Wade Sensing — Sensors detect when the water level is approaching maximum wading depth and an alert will appear on screen.
  • ClearSight Ground View — Front bumper cameras feed to your InControl® touchscreen so you can “see through” the hood of your vehicle and anticipate any obstacles.
  • Electronic Air Suspension — Lower and raise the height of your vehicle with the push of a button.
  • Active Locking Rear Differential — Provides a more comfortable and smoother ride when going over rocky terrain and dunes.

Land Rover Off-Road Driving Tips

Before you head out of the Chicagoland area for an off-roading adventure, be sure to follow these off-roading tips to stay safe and have a great time.

  • Understand Your 4×4 — Know the underside of your Land Rover and understand where the fragile parts like the fuel tank and differentials are in case you hit a bump.
  • Read Your Manual — Learn all about how and when to use your vehicle’s off-roading features.
  • Memorize Basic Stats — Know your vehicle’s wading depth, key angles, height, width, etc. so you can know when to test the limits of the terrain and when to respect them.
  • Service Your Land Rover — Before heading out on an off-roading excursion, always have your vehicle inspected and tuned up to avoid a breakdown on your trip.
  • Plan Your Trip — Pick your off-roading destination, know the off-road rules in the area, and check the terrain, topography, and weather.

If you want to practice your off-roading skills, book a Land Rover Experience at one of four locations in North America (or around the world), and get the expertise of our Land Rover pros for a few hours or even a full day!

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If you want to upgrade your Land Rover with genuine OEM parts, check out off-road tires and off-road accessories like lamp guards, mudflaps, and cargo barriers at Patrick Land Rover. If you’d like to know more about Land Rover features or experience the capability for yourself, contact us today!