What is Windshield Repair Coverage?

Even small chips in your windshield can lead to big problems. Land Rover Naperville Windshield and Glass Repair Coverage provides for the repair of minor chips and cracks to your windshield caused by propelled rocks or other road debris while driving on public roads, streets, and highways.

Most insurance companies do not cover glass repairs. They will usually only cover the replacement based on the size of the crack or chip. Land Rover Naperville offers Windshield Repair Coverage that can help cover those costs. Simply ask your Land Rover Service Advisor the next time you are in for service or see a Land Rover Naperville Client Advisor for coverage options.

Cracked windshield

Even small cracks and chips can quickly turn into big problems.

Let Land Rover Naperville help with your glass repairs. Land Rover windshields are made by the same companies that manufactured your original Land Rover windshield and will match the original windshield’s color, thickness, fit and shape. Aftermarket Land Rover Windshields, on the other hand, are manufactured by glass companies that do not have Land Rover relationships with the carmakers. This means it will fit right and ensure that other options connected to the windshield work perfectly.

The specific type of replacement that is best for you will depend heavily on your personal preferences and your budget. We encourage you to call our team at Land Rover Naperville, as we can help you with your decision. Click to call us at 630-413-0694 or schedule service for your Land Rover below.

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